because of Stiles?

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EW Live from Comic-Con 2014 - #EWComicCon

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Kaya Scodelario, Will Poulter and Dylan O’Brien of The Maze Runner in EW’s Comic Con Social Booth

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In which stiles is lydia’s safest home.

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stilesbanshee said: I love your honesty. Just thought I'd say that.


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Anonymous said: I think Lydia's going to come up the strongest and be a hero in her own right by then end of the season.

I certainly hope so

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ashlydia said: Hi! I found your post about Lydia/being alone on my dash and I really like the points you made. Thank you for expressing your opinion! :^)

you’re very welcome!

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redhair-and-immunity said: the amount of feels I had reading your post about lydia. it's perfect and it's exactly how I feel. I have almost shed tears over lydia martin this season because if someone doesn't show a little bit of support for this very fragile young girl, then I can see her joining meredith in eichen house before the end of the season. thank you for writing that post! seriously!

you’re very very welcome

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